Zeus’ Chariots is the next generation play to earn/pay to earn blockchain game. Racers are thrust behind the reigns of a powerful 2 horse chariot as they race for riches and glory.

Enter the Hippodrome as Zeus, Poseidon or one of the other Greek gods of the day and reign havoc on your competitors. Race for points, Destruction, or just to cause pure mayhem with the other Charioteers.

If you survive the fast paced 5 minute races you will be on your way to a diversified crypto portfolio as our prize pools are littered with tokens from other projects.

Zeus’ Chariots will become one of the most prolific launchpads for project creators.


We are already on Version 2 of our game with Version 3 right around the corner!


Together we achieve our dreams. Our Founders are the lifeblood of Zeus’ Chariots and are an integral part of the development of our game. You see, we feel that together, with over 200 of us testing every feature of the game as it comes out, and all of us providing feedback to the development team, we should produce an amazing product, TOGETHER.

Thank you to all current and future founders of Zeus’ Chariots.

We still have Founder spots remaining for sale. Just hit the “Mint” button and it will take you right to our Opensea account where we currently have 60 NFT’s remaining for sale.

All Founder NFT holders are part of the dev team and will receive their share of 5% of all gaming revenue for the life of the game.


Take action NOW!

the Tokenomics

Zeus' Chariots runs on Z, the in game token. Z can be used for many things.

Enter Races
Buy Swag
Buy NFT's
Buy Free Lives
Buy Add-On Packs
Swap to ZC at 1:1 Ratio
Purchase Referral Packs

ZC is our native token that is executed through a minting smart contract. To acquire ZC you will send an equal amount of USD+ to the smart contract and it will mint ZC for you. You will also receive an equal amount of TRVL tokens realizing an immediate benefit!

Use ZC to swap to Z to begin racing

1 Z = 1 ZC = 1 USD+

When you want to “cash out” from gaming tokens (Z) to ZC you just perform a swap on our site. To execute a swap for ZC to USD+ you simply send the smart contract the appropriate amount of ZC and receive an equal amount of USD+ in return.

This smart contract will begin with $10,000,000 of locked liquidity. The liquidity will remain 1:1 with minted tokens minus a small buy and sell tax.

Buy & Sell Taxes

There will be a 5% buy and sell tax.

the Racing structure

Races will last 5 minutes and users may pick which level they want to race at.

Here is a sample breakdown of how that looks

Entry Fee Addon Packs Prize Pool Puzzle Values
1 Z 3 Z 20-40 Z + OPT $500-$1000
5 Z 15 Z 100-200 Z + OPT $2500-$5000
10 Z 30 Z 200-400 Z + OPT $5000-$10000
25 Z 75 Z 500-1000 Z + OPT $15000-$30000
Prize pools will consist of all purchases made pre race of powerpack addons and free lives, Obstacles etc. . .. All revenue from those purchases will be “donated” to the prize pool along with all of the OPT. The value of the OPT you will receive will also be determined by your entry level. That value may be higher than our racing token Z.

Add on packs include:

2 Power Ups
2 Speed Ups
1 Monster
1 Shield

Our revenue is generated from the purchase of the add on packs. Zeus will also send ZC tokens to the smart contract like everyone else.

As the game grows in popularity players will be able to create their own game lobbies and play for whatever stake they wish.

Play for 1 Z or play for 100,000 Z the choice is all yours.

Race Objectives and Reward System

Objective 1: gather points

The point system:

Each race will be worth points based on the place a player finishes the game.
1st place is worth 10 points
2nd palace is 9 points
3rd is 8 points
All the way down to 10th for 1 point.

No points are awarded if you do not finish the game.

The top 2500 point earners for the week will have a special race on Sunday for a much larger prize pool.

Those winners will race again at the end of the month for an even larger prize pool.

All monthly winners will race at the end of year Grand Championships for a MASSIVE prize pool.

Objective 2: Pick up puzzle pieces

There will be puzzle pieces in each race. Players will collect puzzle pieces to try and complete the puzzle for whatever the prize is. ( house, car, trip, money).

Objective 3: Seek & destroy!

Stealing coins from other chariots by taking them out of the game will provide, quite possibly, the biggest opportunity in the game. When player A destroys player B they receive everything that player B had earned in the race thus far.

If player B possesses a Free Life token and deploys it, they return to the game -25% of the tokens they lost.

Objective 4: Gathering coins

Players will be rewarded with each lap based on the place they are in at the time. Being in the top 3 each time will earn the most coins. There will also be coins on the track to pick up. They may be out of the way or slow you down to acquire them.

Players will need to decide for themselves why they are playing and what they are trying to achieve.

50% of the prize pool will be based on where you place each lap and the other 50% will be randomly dropped onto the track.

Top 5 places pay each lap. We don’t know how many laps there will be yet so the math is not complete at this point.

Puzzle Piece Marketplace

Our puzzle pieces will create a new marketplace where collectors can buy, sell and trade their puzzle pieces with one another. This creates an instant opportunity for the keen racer to gather as many puzzle pieces as possible.

Keep the ones you want and sell or trade the others to finish your puzzle and win that prize.

10,000 Chariots will be sold in the blind with the reveal happening 2 weeks before the game launches.

Amount Charioteer
500 Zeus
1000 Poseidon
1250 Ares
1250 Athena
1250 Aphrodites
1500 Hercules
1500 Theseus
1750 Astereus

Inherent Abilities for Charioteers

Each Charioteer will have its own inherent ability that can be used during the races. Once used it will need to recharge before being used again.

These powers will inflict damage, but not nearly as much as power-ups.

When used correctly and timed with a power-up, elimination of opponents could become easy.

Charioteer Inherent Ability Damage Level
Zeus Lightning Strikes 10%
Poseidon Tidal Wave 8%
Chaos Confusion 8%
Ares Warhammer 7%
Athena Magical Dust 6%
Aphrodite Love Spell 6%
Hercules Spear Throw 6%
Theseus Boulder Throw 5%
Astereus Charging Bull 5%


Obstacles are owned and deployed by the racers. These obstacles would only affect 1 or 2 chariots for the purpose of slowing your opponent down and siphoning .2 coins of each coin they hold.

With only 10,000 Chariots NFT’s we can have 30,000 Obstacle NFT’s.

Golden Apple Tree
Mud Pit
Constantine Wire
Teleportation Portals
Water Curtain
A Herd of Sheep and a Shepherd
Pit of Snakes


PHASE 1 -- 2/1/2022

Game Development Begins
Sale of Founder NFT's Begins

PHASE 2 -- 7/1/2022

Beta version available to play for all founders

PHASE 3 -- Aug/Sept 2022

Community building begins

PHASE 4 -- Sept/Oct 2022

Founder Cards sale

PHASE 5 -- Oct/Nov 2022

Obstacle NFT sale

PHASE 6 -- Nov/Dec 2022

Charioteer NFT Sale

PHASE 7 -- Building

Building of new environments and community expansion

PHASE 8 -- Marketing

Mass Marketing for Zeus' Chariots.
TV, Twitch, Youtube
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
Billboards, AMA's, conferences, etc

PHASE 9 -- April/May 2023

Introduction of new Charioteers and Monsters

2/1/2022 -- PHASE 1

Game Development Begins
Sale of Founder NFT's Begins

PHASE 2 -- 7/1/2022

Beta version available to play for all founders

Aug/Sept 2022 -- PHASE 3

Community Building Begins

PHASE 4 -- Sept/Oct 2022

Founder Cards sale (complete)

Oct/Nov 2022 -- PHASE 5

Obstacle NFT sale

PHASE 6 -- Nov/Dec 2022

Charioteer NFT sale

Building -- PHASE 7

Building of new environments and community expansion

PHASE 8 -- Marketing

Mass Marketing for Zeus' Chariots.
TV, Twitch, Youtube
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
Billboards, AMA's, conferences, etc

April/May 2023 -- PHASE 9

Introduction of new Charioteers and Monsters

Our Current Partners

TRAVL token is travelsavings.club Providing wholesale travel prices to the general public. Better than any travel company out there.

Labrabbitz is bringing the medicines of the future to the blockchain.

Please visit the labrabbitz telegram channel so you learn what they are all about. This may well be the most important piece of our game.


Zeus’ Chariots has a very big charity aspect to everything we do. We will be using our charity to bring food, fuel, water, and money to communities all over the world. We intend to drop hydrogen gas units that mine crypto currency while generating fuel and providing clean drinking water as a byproduct. We will pair that with a 40’ shipping container outfitted for vertical hydroponics. We will also provide atmospheric water generators to feed the hydroponic set up.

With each of these units we drop in communities we will need a team of 2 people to stay on the ground and provide training on the equipment.

If this is something that interests you, please reach out with your information.

Our other charity work will be related to labrabbitz and it could have a profound impact on millions of lives.

Minting will begin 11.11.22 with LIMITED QUANTITY available

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